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About Marmaris Kebabs & Pizza House

You may wonder what the secret of Marmaris is. It is our professional approach. We take you suggestions seriously and that is our priority. Your satisfaction matters the most. We try to integrate something unique in preparing of each dish. That could be a spice, a secret ingredient or a special kind of cooking. Our chefs give their best to give you a full pleasure. Once you try our food, you will always come back. It is a matter of habit. So many people recognize our quality and that is our biggest reward. What else do we offer? Besides delicious food, we give you a great treatment, because our staff is always ready to help you. If you wonder what to order, we are here to give you the right suggestion. Some extra ingredient or a side dish can give you a complete experience. You are more than welcome to ask for suggestion. We will be more than happy to help you.

Marmaris Kebabs & Pizza House Restaurant

Our restaurant is located in the beautiful area of Kendal. The exact point is 10 Kent Street, Kendal LA9 4AT. This might be your first stop when you want some great food. Come early in the morning or later during the day. We have something special at any time of the day. You can come to us or you can get the app for ordering online. The food is equally tasteful in each case. Just download our apps that are part of App Store and Google Play. These apps are easy to use every time you want to order. Select the items from our menu and choose what you like the most. We are sure you will find your favorites easily. If you want to try a different taste of well-known food, give us a chance and discover a great experience. Come to us or order online. Choose your way and find out why our restaurant is the best place to eat. The city of Kendal has a spot where the food simply tastes better.
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